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According to court documents, Mr. Thrupp stated that his withdrawal from the contract was related to a press article detailing the allegations of the company`s former director, Craig Coleman, in connection with the litigation. Australia`s record on press freedom could disqualify the country from a data-sharing agreement with the United States that the government has been pursuing for more than a year. A subsidiary of controversial security firm Paladin renewed a contract for 1.8 million Australian employees just months after the Home Office called for the removal of a senior executive. “If Parliament wants a CLOUD law with the United States, it would do well to get the Australian Federal Police to reassess its national security framework,” Pfefferkorn said. “The extension options were exercised after the services provided by Black Swan were found to be in compliance with the AFP requirements. The current agreement does not provide for any other options for extension. Celltrion (KRX:068270) has completed the acquisition of selected primary procurement resources from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) in the Asia-Pacific region, inflaming efforts to strengthen its research and development capacity in the global small molecule pharmaceutical trade. In June, the companies announced an agreement to acquire 18 Primary Care product facilities in the Asia-Pacific region… Australia has been pursuing such an agreement since early 2018, when then-Cyber Security Secretary Angus Taylor hailed the U.S. National Security Improvement Act. ViacomCBS Inc.

(NASDAQ: VIAC, VIACA) announced today that it has reached a definitive agreement on the sale of the Simon and Schuster publishing business to Penguin Random House LLC (“Penguin Random House,” a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE-Co. KGaA), for $2.175 billion in cash. This sale follows a strategic review of non-core assets viacomCBS… It also authorizes “executive agreements” with foreign partners that give them access to data about their citizens. This may be a problem, because U.S. legislation on bilateral data exchange agreements – the CLOUD Act – required partners to put in place robust privacy and civil liberties protections. Amblin Partners today announced a new multi-year film distribution partnership with Universal Filmd Entertainment Group, as well as a series of new agreements that herald a clear course for the next phase of growth at one of the world`s leading independent film and television studios. The new agreements were announced this morning by Steven Spielberg, founder of Demblin and president. Notice the game… . . INX Limited, the blockchain-based digital and cryptocurrencie trading platform, today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Diamond Standard to list the world`s first diamond, the Diamond Standard Coin.