Agreement Dibujo

8.3 Disputes arising from these conditions or the work done by the designer are referred to arbitration by a single arbitrator appointed by agreement or appointed (late) at the request of one of the parties. 8.4 All intellectual property rights and designs remain the property if LLP, each design/design and all associated specifications are copyrighted by LLP and must not be reproduced, nor can a design based on the original design be created without explicit permission. 8.5 This treaty is subject to the coherence, coherence and capacity of England in Chile ahead of COP25, where it will be necessary to create formal spaces with national and international organisations for citizens` participation in environmental issues. Blue background with text “Hello Friday” and drawings on the beach The Chilean government has the unique opportunity to start this process in the right way. Old vintage engraving illustration style of the black and white umbrella 3.4 Prices are understood to be VAT-free and, if applicable, any additional or replacement taxes, taxes, taxes or fees, anything payable and wherever payable, all payable by the customer. 4.TERMS OF PAYMENT The customer must pay 50% of the contract price as a non-refundable down payment before the start, the last 50% of the contract price is due after the delivery of the third file/completion of the design work (briefly outlined). Requests for payment are sent after the closing of the 3rd stage, the Company requests payment within 14 days of the date on which it is present on request for payment. The Company reserves the right to calculate interest of 3% above the Minimum Interest Rate of the Bank of England, which is calculated daily on invoiced amounts that are not paid within the specified time frame 4.1 if the customer does not provide the payment in point 4 on the due date, and, without prejudice to another right or recourse to the designer`s disposal, he is entitled to terminate the corresponding contract at any time after his election; and 4.1.2 Full payment of the total amount and/or amount of due under the contract in question, but to termination, as well as interest (before and after any decision) on the amount of 8% per year outstanding, plus the Bank of England`s basic interest rate for businesses from time to time until full payment. 4.2 Goods that are delivered contractually by purchase are paid by the customer only after payment by the Customer of all amounts earned after the contract under which the goods were delivered. 5.LIABILITY 5.1 The designer is not responsible for contractual work defects resulting directly or indirectly from compliance with the design, design or specification.

6.2 Without prejudice to conditions 5.1 and 5.3, the effigy is liable for losses or damages suffered by the customer in the event of a breach or liability (including negligence) of the client with respect to the performance of a contract, provided that such liability is limited to the payment of damages that do not exceed the book value of contract 5.3, in accordance with conditions 5.5, 5.3.1 Loss of profits, businesses or income, whether suffered by the customer or another person, and/or 5.3.2, special, indirect or consequential damage or damage, whether borne by the customer or by another person, the designer is not liable for the following losses or damages, regardless of the foreseeable or foreseeable nature of the designer. and/or 5.3.3 potential losses, which arise from claims against the client under a 5.4 contract of the client, releases denials of claims, claims, costs (including legal fees and legal fees) or other debts relating to: 5.4.1, any right to a violation of industrial and/or intellectual property rights resulting from compliance with the drawings, designs, specifications or orders or orders of the client; and/or 5.4.2, any breach or act or omission of the client by negligence or intentional breach of contract.