Agreement With Fashion Designer

All invoices are payable within 21 business days of receipt. For all outstanding assets, a $50 service fee will be paid for the reissue of each invoice in 45, 60, 75 and 90 days from the date of the original invoice. The issuance of a licence or copyright depends on the receipt of the full payment. The designer retains ownership of all the original works of art, whether temporary or definitive, and the client will return these works of art within 30 days of their use, unless otherwise stated below. If the transfer of ownership of all rights is desired, rates can be increased. If the client wishes to own the rights to a particular project or concept, they can be purchased at any time for a recalculation of the hourly rate on the date or all of the project costs charged. DESIGN SERVICES: For the services provided by the designer under this agreement, the company does not pay any amount to the designer, all designs that a designer sends to the company as part of the process provided in this agreement are free. After the completion of the proof of concept process, the third phase, the company will decide whether to celebrate a new contract (Affiliate Designer Agreement) that could be celebrated between the company and the designer, indicating all the conditions relating to the production and membership phase (fourth phase). If the designer does not celebrate this new agreement with the company, the company will not reproduce its designs/products, will not publish its name or brand on By Maria`s website or on social networks; However, prototypes and processes are used as research results. The “works” are drawings, works of art, photographs, texts, copies and other works submitted by a designer in conjunction with a project on the DesignCrowd website and selected as a “winning project” or approved by the client for this project.

(j) a reference to the conduct includes, without restriction, any omission, statement or undertaking, whether written or not. The designer and all other creators receive a line of credit with each editorial use. If similar lines of credit need to be specified with other types of use, it should be indicated here. In the meantime, this includes, under its base, photos of shoes that you have designed with our shoe designer, as well as photos of shoes made specifically for you and sold to you 4.1 Designers guaranteed that written consents of all persons and/or facilities mandated by designer for the realization of the work for the exercise of all rights under this Agreement, without any violation of the moral rights on the product of their services, have been given. 9.1 During this agreement, the designer treats all information received from the company (whether received before or after the start of this contract) as confidential information and uses this information only to the extent necessary for the performance of the services and for the exclusive benefit of the company.