Airline Ticket Agreement

How do you feel about that? Are airlines responsible for supplying what they sell? Checked baggage Most airlines allow you to check a piece of luggage and have a hand luggage package. There is usually a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds per checked bag and a size limitation. The most common maximum size is 62 linear inches (totals). A common size bag for checking through: 27 x 21 x 14. Airlines allow obesity, overload or extra baggage for an additional fee. These fees can be very expensive and the airlines have imposed these guidelines very strictly lately. Make sure you know the exact details of your airlines for checked baggage and avoid unnecessary fees. Checked baggage can be opened for inspection at the airport, and if your luggage is locked, the lock may be broken for inspection. You can use a TSA-approved lock to avoid any damage to your luggage or locks. Don`t put the film in your luggage to check it. New taboo machines can permanently damage your film. Put items like cameras and prescription drugs always in your purse. Make sure your personal data is clearly written on baggage outside and inside all your bags and luggage.

If you are travelling abroad, create a copy of your passport. Keep a copy of your itinerary with flight numbers, hotel names and phone numbers. Delayed or cancelled flight? You are entitled to compensation, regardless of the price of your ticket. If you want to know more about flight compensation and the airline`s contract, you can go to their website. It is usually quite easy to find an airline`s transport contract – although some airlines` websites are more difficult to navigate than others. One way to start is to go to your airline`s website and enter the “transportation contract” in the search bar. Another possibility is to browse the site, as can be seen in the following example: The rules for building normal fares stipulate that an international ticket should be issued by the first international airline. There are a few exceptions, z.B. if the first international codeshare flight is a codeshare flight, if the first non-codeshare code is used, or if an airline does not have an office in the country of origin that participates in airline alliances such as Star Alliance, SkyTeam or oneworld, almost always have Interline agreements. But direct competitors can also benefit from Interline agreements. Baggage Liability Limitation – The country is valid for travel within the United States of 50, Puerto Rico and the United States.