Australian Research Council Funding Agreement

(j. workshops, focus groups and conferences essential to the proposed research (including appropriate cooking costs such as 1st, lunch and afternoon dinner); and A9.3.6 If CRA funding approved for a project is outside the requested amount, adjustments commensurnary to the contributions of the partner organization may be made. Information on the specific requirements for financing adjustment is available in the specific sections of the applicable funding rules. Administrative institutions should take into account the fact that the funding agreement sets the conditions for managing the Centre`s financial assistance, including reporting obligations and financial management. b. support large-scale national or international cooperation initiatives that share and/or identify costly research infrastructure; The ARC Federation Fellowships are prestigious awards that offer internationally competitive salaries, support and encourage outstanding Australian and international researchers to work in Australia. Federation Fellows with expertise in the research areas of the centres will play a key role in defining Australia`s research program in these areas and may be able to support and support the work of centres, mentors and students and contribute to international links. – Will the proposed project strengthen skills and capabilities in end-user research? The CRA Centres of Excellence will be the salaries offered to ARC Centre Fellows based on minimum salary levels for ARC scholarships (Discovery Appendix 2 – Projects Guidelines for applicant for funding from 2005 at CRA funding for ACF treatment is paid out of the CRA Centre of Excellence budget. Significant support for large-scale offers, led by researchers at Flinders University, is provided on a case-by-case basis in relation to the strength of the offer and the expected return of research funds to Flinders. Subject to specific internal deadlines, the university research budget and the co-financing of the college, a maximum of 20 K pa will be required to support the project for up to three years if the application is successful, a contribution that should be included in the application.

In total, the flinders contribution should not exceed 20% of external funding (combined ARC demand and industrial commitment) that goes specifically to the University of Flinders. B11.3.2 Performance balance sheets may indicate whether the project has made good progress, which has implications for the continued availability of financial resources in accordance with subsection A7.1.5. Funding is provided to the first chief investigator designated for the CRA`s unsuccessful application. The Chief Auditor must reapply for a CRA grant within 18 months or is not eligible for future funding from Near Miss. – the relevance of research to the strategic priorities of organizations; The funding agreement defines the responsibilities of all parties (administrative organization, chief investigator and partner investigator), including the payment of financial resources, the use of financial resources, specified personnel, transfers, audit and follow-up, reporting obligations and termination of the agreement. As the chief investigator, you are responsible for ensuring that research funds are spent in accordance with the terms of your award and that all reporting obligations are met.