Bank Of America Visa Credit Card Agreement

Websites may, from time to time, make available to the customer various licensed programs (“licensed programs”) of third parties (“providers”) that have been granted by Bank of America for customer use and/or that require the customer to sign a third-party licensing agreement (“licensing agreement”). When using the licensed programs, the customer agrees that it is “Bank of America” is the marketing name for credit granting, derivatives and other commercial banking activities of Bank of America Corporation (“LAC”). These activities are carried out worldwide by BAC banking companies and in Australia by Bank of America, N.A. Australian Branch (“BANA Australia”). BofA Securities is the marketing name for LAC`s securities, corporate advisory and capital market activities. These activities are in Australia by Merrill Lynch Markets (Australia) Pty. Limited, Merrill Lynch (Australia) Futures Limited, Merrill Lynch Equities (Australia) Limited and their related entities licensed or exempt from the obligation of The Australian Financial Service. With the exception of BANA Australia, none of the other units of the LAC, including LAC itself, is an institution accredited by Australia under the Banking Act of 1959 and regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. The commitments of LAC`s companies (other than BANA Australia) do not constitute deposits or other debts of BANA Australia and are not guaranteed by BANA Australia.

Some of the most rewarding aspects of Bank of America products are credit cards that include businesses, consumers, rewards and other types. Here we look at the best of our Bank of America cards: although there are many ways to win, the rewards are a little limited: there is a cap of 2,500 USD per quarter in the 2% and 3% cash back categories (1% after reaching the threshold). In addition, the 3% foreign transaction fee makes the bank of America Cash Rewards card an ill-advised choice to wipe abroad. 6The variable annual percentage rates (APRs) for this account are currently 15.99% to 22.99%, based on solvency, purchases and balance transfers; 18.99% to 25.99% in terms of solvency, direct payments and cash advances; and 27.24% for cash bank advances. In the event of a late payment, a variable penalty of up to 29.99% on a solvency basis can be applied to new transactions. The minimum interest fee is $1.50. The transfer fee is 3% (min. $10).

The cash advance fee is 3% (min. $10) for direct payment and credit advances; $12 for each overdraft protection cash advance; and 5% (min.