Cah Network Agreement

2. When telemedicine services are provided to CAH patients through an agreement with a remote hospital, the governing body or person responsible for the CAH can rely on the authentication and privilege decisions of the remote hospital management body regarding individual physicians or practitioners on the site. The governing body or the person in charge of the CAH must ensure, through its written agreement with the local hospital, that the following provisions are respected: (b) Standard: Certification and Quality Assurance Agreements. Any CAH that is a member of a rural health network must enter into a certification and quality assurance agreement with at least – (1) The governing body of the CAH must ensure that, when telemedicine services are made available to CAH patients through an agreement with a hospital located in a remote location, the agreement is written and stipulates that it is the responsibility of the hospital`s governing body on the spot. , to meet the following requirements for its doctors or practitioners providing telemedicine services: the CAH may also have an agreement with its quality assurance transfer hospital or opt for this agreement with another organization. The requirements of state networks vary. For more information on quality assurance options, please see which options for quality assurance and quality improvement of CAHs? Although a CAH does not have another health facility, it can also benefit from cooperation and network agreements. An effective cooperation manual between critical and federally qualified health centres explains how collaboration with FQHCs can lead to grants, joint recruitment costs and reduced ER costs through remittances to primary care providers for the uninsured. Demonstrating the value of critical access hospital: A guide to potential partnerships identifies potential partners for CAHs and explains how CAHs can demonstrate their value to them. The National Rural Health Resource Center also provides a number of examples of networks that includes CAHs in their network spotlights. As part of the agreements under the CAH`s terms of participation, a CAH must develop agreements with an acute hospital regarding the transfer and transfer of patients, communications and emergency and emergency transport of patients. The agreement must include at least one other hospital that provides acute care services and may receive transfers from patients who require services not available in the CAH.