Convertible Preference Shares Agreement

In this preferential investment agreement, we have simplified the language as much as possible in order to make it user-friendly for companies that are not legally trained. We have structured the agreement as follows: (iii) If a company choice is issued on common shares in the form of global security, the company executes the agreement and the Registrar, in accordance with section 21 (c) is one or more comprehensive security registered in the name of Cede-Co. or another applicant of the custodian, and (ii) is appointed by the registrar to the custodian or in accordance with the instructions that have been obtained by the custodian or are held by the clerk as a custodian for the custodian pursuant to an agreement between the custodian and the clerk. (iii) Distributions of non-cash assets, etc. (A) Where the company or a subsidiary of the company is owned by the company or, for the most part, by all or part of the holders of common shares, shares of the company or a subsidiary or other entity of the company not participating in Share Capital, or a similar interest in the Company , a subsidiary or other entity of the company, which is adjusted in accordance with Section 10(a) (b) (b) (b) (B), supporting its debt or other assets of the Company, with the exception of cash distributions adjusted in accordance with Section 10, (a) (iv) or rights, options or guarantees of subscription or purchase of the company`s share capital (excluding shares) , the conversion rate applicable to this distribution is adjusted according to the following formula: the parties recognize and agree that the confidentiality obligations underwritten between the company and each of the investors or its related entities before the date of that distribution will be waived and will no longer have any effect or effect for a period after the date of that distribution; All party must be held responsible for any violation of such an agreement before the date of this agreement. “Contract” means any contract, contract, instrument, obligation, commitment, lease, license, order, security agreement or other written or oral agreement. D. Regarding, among other things, the financing of yahoo! Initial Repurchase and the privatization of Limited, the company has provided investors with priority secured credit facilities (such as loans secured by the state of a credit to effect on the date of the agreement, which are essential and to the company by the facility agreements made available to investors before the date of this agreement). , the “senior facilities”) with commercial banks, according to which the company lent up to $4 million, of which up to about $2,000,000,000 was used in part to finance the yahoo! Initial Repurchase and TIPLA payment.