General Security Of Information Agreement

The merits of a Japanese GSOMIA for Japan are also obvious. Prior to the agreement, South Korea had signed a GSOMIA with 32 countries and NATO. Japan had them with only six countries, including the United States. In other words, Japan, which has signed one with the ROK, clearly shows that it views this relationship as strategic. The consolidation of the institutional mechanism of trilateral cooperation between the United States and Japan-ROK through the signing of GSOMIA ensures close security cooperation, regardless of changes in power in the United States and South Korea. The end of the intelligence-sharing pact immediately weakens the U.S.-South Korea alliance, undermining trilateral cooperation between the United States and Japan-South Korea. Seoul`s decision directly undermines regional threats – Pyongyang and Beijing – by weakening trilateral security cooperation between Washington and its two main allies in the Pacific. Further complicating matters is that South Korea announced its withdrawal from the bilateral pact on the exchange of military information with Japan, GSOMIA, after being removed from the preferred list of partners (“white lists”) on 22 August 2019. GSOMIA, signed in 2016 amid a series of nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, authorized a wide-ranging exchange of information between the two countries on Pyongyang`s provocative activities in the region. The contracting parties take, as part of their domestic law, all appropriate measures to ensure the security of the classified information they must exchange during the negotiation or implementation of contracts, contracts or subcontracts approved by the parties. This information is protected in the same way as national information with an equivalent classification. The national security authorities responsible for the implementation of this agreement are: DETENING to guarantee the protection of all classified information exchanged between the competent authorities of the two countries or transmitted to French and Canadian private and public entities under contractual or pre-contract agreements containing confidentiality clauses; Each application must be made in accordance with the rules applicable in the host country and includes: name, first name, date and place of birth, nationality, passport number, visitor`s position or security clearance, as well as name and address of the establishment to be visited with the name and title of the person to visit.

, if known, the employment or organization of the visitor`s sponsorship and the purpose of the visit, including the details of the topics and the classification of the information to be discussed. No institution outside the party or its forces may participate in preliminary studies or participate in the implementation of an agreement, contract or subcontracting of classified information without having been previously authorized at the level required by the relevant national authority. It is also important to keep in mind that President Park, who has been charged, may have had her own reasons for ordering the Minister of National Defence to sign GSOMIA with Japan. Their approval rate was only 5% just before the impeachment proceedings. Given that a bilateral agreement between Korea and Japan is unlikely to be concluded under a progressive government, Park could be determined to strengthen trilateral cooperation, not just for the United States.