Monash University Enterprise Agreement 2018

This agreement is a comprehensive agreement which, subject to national employment standards, completely supersedes any attribution (existing or future) and any agreement that would apply but would apply to the implementation of this agreement. 29.15 Any dispute is first considered by the CTMC. The CTMC will try, in good faith, to resolve the dispute by trying to reach an agreement. If the dispute is not resolved by the CTMC within 5 business days, the dispute may be referred by both parties to an arbitrator for settlement. The university negotiates the terms of employment of a new agreement through a formal negotiation process between the university and its staff, through bargaining representatives. Negotiation representatives may include union representatives and individual agents who have requested to be involved in the process as part of the procedure for advertising workers` representation rights. Section 37.3 applies when the university rejects the application and has not reached an agreement with the officer in accordance with paragraph 37.2 above. 3.3 The university does not intend to exercise the right to resign from an officer on or resulting grounds related to COVID-19. Where there are circumstances that could dispossess an officer under the FW Act on the basis of a reason related to COVID-19 or arising from covid-19, such a view would require prior consent on the part of NTEU and the responsible officer. 17.1 The purpose of this clause is to assist staff by facilitating by mutual agreement the start and end times of work on campus. This will help manage capacity and minimize the health risks associated with public transit and demonstrators on the road during peak hours. An enterprise agreement is an agreement between employers and workers on the terms of employment. First, the agent or an accredited representative of the officer or party who informs the dispute and the appropriate representative of management or, if necessary, the other respondent party discuss the dispute and attempt to reach an agreement within two weeks of the first discussion of the dispute.

If, prior to the start of the agreement, a dispute settlement procedure has been initiated pursuant to Article 12 of the 2014 agreement and the subject of this dispute relates to the application of a provision or provision of the 2014 agreement that was pursued under that agreement, this dispute continues in accordance with the provisions of item 12 of the 2014 agreement. 74.2 The officer in the position to be reorganized is consulted prior to any changes and changes are generally made by mutual agreement between the university and the officer. However, the division of tasks and responsibilities is maintained in terms of management. If the officer decides, the officer has the right to attend all interviews with a representative of his or her choice.