Remote Monitoring Service Agreement

Your use of the Services will only be for personal and non-commercial purposes on your personal technology and not for resale or transmission to others. You cannot sell, rent or rent access to or use the services. You cannot allow manufacturers, suppliers or providers of your personal support technology or service providers related to that technology to access or use services. You may not use, download or copy information, data, texts, photographs, images, videos or other documents provided by the services (“content”), unless you use the content solely for personal, informational and non-commercial purposes; (2) MyTechWiz LLC`s trademarks and copyright symbols and statements on each page of the website are displayed on each page downloaded or copied; and (3) no changes are made to the content. The rights granted to you in connection with the Services are a licence, not a transfer of ownership. MyTechWiz LLC reserves the right to revoke permission to post, download and print the content available on the site at any time, and any such use is suspended immediately after notification of MyTechWiz LLC. You cannot use, download, copy, copy, print, print, view, reproduce, publish, transfer or distribute Services content without myTechWiz LLC`s prior written permission. 1.10 “AED Sentinel Remote Monitoring Hardware Status” refers to the current status of the AED Sentinel Monitoring Remote Hardware. AED Sentinel remote status status of surveillance equipment can be actively monitored, the battery change required, or the service required. MyTechWiz LLC may need to download and/or run software on your PC to diagnose and solve your personal technology problem. MyTechWiz LLC uses different types of software: the first type provides computer system information for MyTechWiz LLC that help us diagnose and solve your personal technology problem, the second type allows MyTechWiz LLC to remotely control your computer and modify its settings or software, and the third type is usually composed of utilities and other tools to improve computer performance and solve your personal technology problem.

19. FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement, as well as the terms of use agreement that must be agreed to finalize the activation process, constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the Entity and the Subscriber regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all discussions, agreements and prior assurances, whether or not they are executed orally or in writing and whether they are executed or not. 1.7 “AED Sentinel Manager™” refers to the company`s web information line that allows a subscriber or distributor, On behalf of a subscriber, manage account and user information, set Asset Status notification settings, display a dashboard and asset status information details, generate asset status and other reports, and access other related functions and services.