Master Subscription Agreement

Essentially: negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. The good news here is that Salesforce is willing to discuss certain contractual terms, at least in advance. But once you sign up, you`ll be at the mercy of Salesforce`s legal team. When the first signing was made, Salesforce was not as expensive as in the last agreements we had with them,” says a former Salesforce user, who spoke to Nutshell on condition of anonymity. “At first they were reasonable, and they kept driving up our prices.” In other words, if you get stuck in a deal and you find out you need fewer features or users than you were originally sold, you`ll still pay for it. All data you enter into the Services and all the adjustments you make during a free trial version will be permanently lost unless you agree or export a subscription to the same services as the trial services before the end of the trial period. “Try calling Salesforce if you want to have a hole in your head at the end,” says Steve Meitzen, president of SCM Consultants, a recent Nutshell client who has hired Salesforce in two previous companies. After leaving a company where he worked as a sales consultant, Meitzen tried to end his Salesforce subscription and was masoned with stones by the CRM account team. They kept saying they were weighing my credit card during the extension, and I tried to tell them I was gone,” said Meitzen Nutshell. “It was really hard to get on the phone. The impression I got was, “Salesforce is great and wonderful, and you`re very lucky to have used that.” In fact, I still get advertising emails from them.

It`s like putting salt in a wound. Beyond the billing problems, Meitzen struggled to get other members of his team to learn the product. “I remember a phone call I had with a production manager who didn`t know the product, and receiving it alone was a sample and a tribulation. Salesforce has all the advertising and pretty cartoons, but if you`re not very familiar with the way they do things, you`re going to run into real difficulties. 6.4 Suspension of services. If a fee you owe has been outstanding for 30 days or more, we may, without restricting our other rights and remedies, suspend services and support until these amounts are fully paid, provided we have informed you at least 10 days in advance that your account is late in accordance with Section 14.2 (Manner of Giving Notice) below. If you have an agreement directly with Salesforce and Salesforce suspends services for you because of your violation of this Agreement, all services installed in the same Salesforce instance are also not accessible and are not considered a violation of this Agreement. 5.2 Billing and payment. The customer will provide SalesTrip with valid and updated credit card information or a valid order or other acceptable document for SalesTrip. When the customer provides SalesTrip credit card information, the customer authorizes SalesTrip to charge that credit card for all purchased services on the order form for the initial duration of the subscription and for all renewal periods described in the “Acquired Subscription Duration” section below.