Talent Acquisition Service Level Agreement Template

Service level or ALS agreements are only formal written agreements between staff officers and recruitment managers, which outline the expectations and responsibilities of each party. By writing in advance responsibilities, schedules, delivery elements and success measures, SLAs outline who is responsible for what and what timelines are realistic. These agreements facilitate communication, improve results and help build strong relationships with recruitment managers. Recurrent infractions are generally an indicator of unrealistic performance goals, the need for better training or an individual interview with the recruiter to discuss a solution to the slowness of contributions to talent acquisition. Backups are made every 8 hours in backup mode (without interruption of service). In the time field, the deterioration in performance related to the backup process is negligible. Each backup is a complete, non-incremental archive of all each customer`s data. Smartrecruiteres will take appropriate redundancy, monitoring and platform management measures to ensure optimal availability of services outside of planned maintenance windows. In the event of a complete failure of the AWS primary hosting facility, operations are transferred to an AWS secondary facility where a full service can be restored. There is an important condition for the use of agreements: buy-in for recruitment managers and executives. “THE SLAs won`t work if the relationship and respect aren`t there first,” Miller-Merrell said. “SLAs have value, even if they start the conversation with your recruitment managers. Think of it as a process improvement that serves both purposes. “Confused to know who is doing what and when can certainly slow down the hiring process and lead to involuntary duplication,” he said.

“ALS leads to clarity and agreement on what needs to be done and who should do it.” Service Level Agreements (SHORT SLAs) during recruitment can be a powerful tool for recruiting teams to advance their recruitment process. SLAs can help you get more feedback on candidates faster, keep your talent pipeline full and increase candidate closing rates. SmartRecruiters does its best to provide an error-free, accident-free service at all times.