Transfer Agreement Ripe

In addition to the above information, the following document is required when independent (IP) IPv4/IPv6 or RSA providers are transferred to a party, who is not a member of the NCC RIPE: the procedure described in Section 4.0 is not necessary for the ceding member if the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement is terminated for that member (see sections A.1.1 and A.1.2 of the NCCE procedure document, “Closing members, disubscribing Internet resources and Legacy Internet resources.” The NCC RIPE verifies the status of any IP address allocation or independent internet resource allocation managed by the participating party, in accordance with the RIPE rules that were up to date at the time of transmission. The member must send an e-mail to ncc `at` ripe `dot` net informing the RIPE NCC of the name change. This email should contain: mature-689, mature-667, mature-654, mature-648, mature-628, mature-595, mature-579, mature-515, mature-301, mature-241, mature-18 5 , mature-185, mature–159, ripe-140, ripe-136, ripe-105, ripe-104, ripe-085, ripe-072, ripe-065 The RIPE NCC will update the registry, including all RIPE databases, Objects, which are managed by the NCC RIPE, which are related to this transmission. The transmitter member must update all the RIPE database objects they manage that are related to this transmission. The NCC RIPE may ask other parties/parties to confirm their consent to the transfer. Confirmation must be authorized (signed or sent) by a contact person or an authorized person (z.B senior manager, entitled). 2.6 This transfer does not affect all other rights and obligations arising from the offering party`s basic agreement, including any other rights to other Internet number resources registered by RIPE NCC with the offering party. For transfers from IRB service regions for which the recipient region needs guidance based on need, recipients must submit to the NCC RIPE a plan to use at least 50% of the transferred resources within five years. When transferring Internet number resources to another IRB, the NCC RIPE follows transmission guidelines that apply in its own service region.