Used Machine Sale Agreement

6. Before the machine and equipment in question are removed from the seller`s factory, the company`s lobby reserves space in the company`s factory where it is to be installed by providing the necessary base, power supply, water supply and other requirements for the installation of the machine and equipment 2. The machine and equipment in question are sold by the seller in his… within two weeks from the date of this and it will be the company`s responsibility to do the same from the premises mentioned at the company`s factory to … at the company`s expense. 15. The warranty period mentioned above is extinguished when, during that period, the company sells the machine and equipment in question to others or moves the machine and equipment elsewhere in that factory or by any other means. 8. The installation will be completed by the seller within eight days from the date of the machine and equipment mentioned, but if the installation is delayed over eight days due to the company`s delay in the delivery of all necessary things and in the execution of all provisions for the installation, including the supply of electricity and other things , that the company must pay in addition to the fees mentioned above, the fees or fees that must be paid to the salesperson`s employees of technical experts, mechanics and others. However, if the installation delay is more than eight days on behalf of the seller, the seller bears and bears all these additional expenses.

As a parent, you want to both teach your children responsibility and do household chores. Try using this free task agreement to motivate them. 5. The machine and equipment in question it is insured by the company in the sum of at least Rs…. for the period beginning from the date the same thing is removed from the seller`s website until it is delivered to the company`s factory. Insurance is insured on behalf of the seller and against the risk of fire, accident and theft. The insurance premium is paid by the company and is considered part of the transportation costs. 9. All taxes and other taxes payable for the aforementioned machinery and equipment are paid into the company`s account.

11. If the company does not pay the seller the above balance and other charges, if, according to the invoice that the seller sent to the company, within one week of the date of installation and commissioning of the machine, the seller has the right to revoke that contract for up to one week and, in this case, the seller is allowed to withdraw the same from the company`s implementation. The costs of moving and transporting the company`s factory site to the vendor`s aforementioned premises will be borne by the company upon request. However, if the seller is unable to remove the machine and equipment in question due to a handicap on the part of the company or a legal act of the company, the company is required to obtain compensation equal to -Rs…. until these machines are removed by the seller. 7. Responsibility for the installation of the machine and equipment in question and its commissioning rests with the seller and the seller makes available to his technical experts, mechanics and other persons or persons needed. All expenses incurred during installation and the start of operation are those of the company, including the installation and accommodation and transportation costs of the vendor`s staff sent for the installation. 4. Ownership of this machinery and facilities plant remains with the seller until the full price is paid to him and ownership of this machine and equipment is not fully transferred to the company until after the payment of the price and other funds to be paid to the seller. 14. During this warranty period, the seller has the right to visit and inspect the machine and equipment mentioned by his technical experts and mechanics to keep the same thing in working order, and the company must provide all necessary facilities in this context.